John Wynne has a PhD in sound art from Goldsmiths College and is a Senior
Lecturer at the University of the Arts London and member of CRISAP (Creative
Research in Sound Arts Practice). He was artist-in-residence for one year at
Harefield Hospital, one of the world’s leading centres for heart and lung
transplants, which has given rise to radio pieces for the BBC and for CBC in
Canada and, in conjunction with photographer Tim Wainwright, a surround-sound
video shown at TATE Britain, an installation for the Old Operating Theatre
Museum and a 24-channel photographic sound installation (September 2008).  
His work with endangered click-languages resulted in an award-winning
‘composed documentary’ for Radio 3 and an installation shown in Botswana,
Namibia and London.  He has created large-scale sound installations in public
squares using alarm sounds of his own design:  one was banned by the City of
Copenhagen for allegedly “frightening and confusing the public” and another in
Toronto described as “an ambient, ghost-like presence”. He has created
installations using hundreds of discarded but working hi-fi speakers: Fallender
ton für 207 lautsprecher boxen in Berlin sounded “like Heaven …and Hell”.