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“At the centre of Alexis Harding’s show are two pedestrian control railings, the kind of steel
fences that represent the casual authority of bored urban planners, happy to direct the
plodding citizen away from the statistical dangers of urban joy riders. The same joy riders that,
I guess, drove straight into these barriers, twisting them into violent curves and waves, and
which now lie and lean intertwined in the gallery, rescued from the municipal depot in Deptford.
The transformation  of ordinary matter from something mute into something loaded with
significance preoccupies Harding’s work.”
                 -- JJ Charlesworth, Contemporary, Issue 59, p66

1992-5  Goldsmiths College, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions                
Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco
Gallery Gentili, Prato, Italy
Andrew Mummery Gallery, London, Nov 2007
Rubicon Gallery, Dublin
Allerart, Bludenz, Austria
Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milan
Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
Galerie Katherina Krohn, Basel
Rubicon Gallery, Dublin
Galeria Pedro Cera, Lisbon
Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
Rubicon Gallery, Dublin
Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
Project Room, Gallery S65, Aalst, Belgium

Group Exhibitions:

Since 1995 Harding has shown extensively in two person and group exhibitions throughout the world. He was First
prizewinner at John Moores 23, exhibition of Contemporary painting, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2004.


His work has been the subject of numerous essays and articles, the most Important of which include Mark Gisbourne ‘…not
fade away’ in Alexis Harding (London: Andrew Mummery Gallery, 1998) Caoimhin Mac Leith, ‘Unloosing Control’ in Alexis
Harding: Selected works 2001-2002 (Dublin: Rubicon Gallery, 2002) JJ. Charlesworth, ‘Painting by the skin of your eyes’
(London, Andrew Mummery Gallery, 2003) Martin Holman, ‘Time Share’ (London, Eagle Gallery, 2005) Chris Townsend, New
Art from London (London: Thames and Hudson, 2006) Paul Bonaventura, ‘Raw and Beautiful’, interview with Alexis
Harding, Contemporary, Dec 2006 and Martin Holman, ‘Twisted into True’ (Ireland, Rubicon Gallery Catalogue)