Nooshin Farhid is a British based Iranian video artist. Conic Trilogy
2009-10 is based on a mathematical concept involving the interaction of
surface and curve: Parabola, Ellipsis and Hyperbola. However these
words have, in Greek etymology, non mathematical meanings referring
to ‘fictitious narratives’, ‘missing words in a sentence’ and extravagant
statements’. This ‘crossing over’ between mathematical and non
mathematical meanings reflects Farhid’s approach to video making
which is complex and explores multiplicity, her images being sourced
from a wide spectrum of material including real time footage filmed on
Orford Ness and an eclectic assemblage of found footage. Allied to this
is her engagement in the political and the ramifications of conflict. This
rich mix leads to a series of interweaving narratives were journeys are
begun, trails go cold only to reappear in another guise, there is a
suggestion of entanglement and betrayal, surveillance and suppression.

Nooshin Farhid was born in Tehran, Iran, she lives and works in London.
Her work has been recently exhibited at Marrakech Biennale, Morocco
2012, 1st International Video Art Festival, Qatar 2011, Beaconsfield
London 2011, On Becoming a Gallery, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
2011, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam 2011 and Limited Access 3,
Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2011