Richard Ducker’s Dark Matter sculpture series appear to quote a monochromatic
tradition, but on close inspection the black shards, insulating material covered in
flock, have just as much in common with the discarded props of a pre-CGI sci-fi
movie, when such concoctions had to make do as interstellar debris floating in
deep space or the rough surface of a new planet.’ The ink drawings are worked
from images off the Internet (newsreel, mobile phone up loads, etc) of lingering
smoke after explosions taken from current conflicts. Rather than trying to
represent horror with horror, their scale is deliberately small (postcard size) as a
means of reducing its sublime to pocket size, while returning the digital image of
convenience to studied analogue.

Richard Ducker is an artist, curator and lecturer. He has exhibited widely through
out the UK and internationally, including the ICA, London; Kettles Yard,
Cambridge; Serpentine Gallery, London; Royal Academy, Edinburgh; Mappin
Gallery, Sheffield; The Yard Gallery, Nottingham; The Kitchen, New York; Flowers
Central, London; Cell Project Space, London; Katherine E Nash Gallery,
Minnesota, USA; Standpoint Gallery, London; and Anthony Reynolds Gallery,