Sweet Meat: new collages by Sharon Gal

Private View: Friday, 25th November, 6-8pm,
(the café is open for food until 10pm)

Exhibition runs: 25th November – 18th December
Exhibition times: Monday - Sunday, 10.00am - 5pm
(the café is open for food and drink until 10pm Thursday-Saturday)

Coffeeismycupoftea Space,
103b Dalston Lane,
E8 1NH


‘Sweet Meat’ is an exhibition of collage work by interdisciplinary artist and performer Sharon Gal.

Working with found material from fashion magazines, catalogues and cookery books, images are juxtaposed to reveal fantastic and hallucinatory landscapes that are
both enticing and repelling. Sweet Meat highlights our complex relationship with food, as nourishment and a guilty pleasure, exploring the seductive and addictive
aspects of consumption.

The work is created through a playful and evolving process of trial and error. Like a mysterious jigsaw puzzle with no predictable outcome; each collage has its own
rhythm and conclusion. Each is unique, but all are bound by the decision to limit the source material to lonely figures inhabiting sweet or savoury worlds.