Sasha Bowles: ‘Appropriating The Past’
Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
E8 1NH

Private View: Friday 15th June, 6-8.30pm

Exhibition runs: 16th June – 8th July.

Opening times: daily 8am - 5pm (weekends 10am – 5pm).

Our identity is both a manifestation of bodily presence and outer appearance within a situation of spaces or environment. In this exhibition, Sasha has appropriated
images of Old Master paintings, Classical Sculptures and Family photographs to explore questions of identity and relationships.
The images have been mediated onto with oil paint, re-presenting and subverting the narratives. Sasha’s disturbances and cloaking of the figures confuse and extend
the original works initiating new possibilities for interpretation that asks questions as to how we understand and read these historically constructed identities.

By obscuring the faces with painted appendages of fabric and hair; the viewer is left to interpret the figures portrayed from their outward appearance, stance and
connection to one another, opening questions of identity, our relationship to the past and the ownership of these images.

Sasha Bowles is an artist and occasional curator, she has a MA from Wimbledon College of art graduating in 2013.

Solo exhibitions include, Hairy Interventions at Arthouse1 Gallery (2018) and Doo-plis-i-tee at 286 Gallery, London, (2016)  

Selected group exhibitions include: In the Future (Collyer Bristow Gallery 2018); Face to Face (Angus-Hughes Gallery 2018); Reportrait, (Nottingham Castle Museum
2017); Creekside Open (APT 2017); Young Masters (2017); A Table of Elements (2017); Window Sill (Griffin Gallery 2017); Shape_Shifters (Arthouse1 2016);
Complicity, (Collyer Bristow Gallery 2016); COUNTER_FITTERS (Geddes Gallery 2016); The Crash Open & Photo and Print Open (Charlie Dutton); No-One Lives in the
Real World, (Standpoint Gallery 2015); Bonfire of the Vanities (Display Gallery 2015); Discernible (Zeitgeist Arts Projects), Catalyst, Angus Hughes Gallery & Husk

Sasha has also exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (invited artist) and The Discerning Eye (winning the Benton Prize).   
Curatorial projects include: Face to Face (Angus-Hughes Gallery 2018) ‘Bodies That Matter’ ( ArtLacuna 2013) and co-produced The Bodies That Matter 3 publication,
(2014). COUNTER_FITTERS (Geddes Gallery 2016) and Catalyst (Husk Gallery 2015)
Bowles has work in private and public collections in Britain, Europe and America.  She lives and works in London.