Things: new paintings & prints by Mandy Hudson

Private View: Friday, 9th September, 6-9pm,

Exhibition runs: 10th  Sept – 2nd Oct.

Exhibition times: Tuesday - Sunday, 10.00am - 5pm

Coffeeismycupoftea Space,
103b Dalston Lane,
E8 1NH

A collection of paintings and prints, completed over the last few years, depicting particular things seen while wandering around the city: A faded curtain with an
oversized, mismatched pattern, new window frames stacked outside a workshop each day forming endless variations and combinations, broken furniture left on the
street, real or fake flowers viewed in distant windows: unintentional patterns, inadvertent colours, and unplanned shapes. A photograph acts as a reminder, but things
develop once the painting begins; some elements are adhered to rigidly while others are edited. When a packet of plastic beads has spilled onto the pavement, in the
painting the pavement itself is simplified, but each bead is painted in the position it fell to give a genuine randomness to the tiny smattering of colour. Each subject is
considered individually: how much is about recouping what has been seen, the character of the thing, and how much is about the way it is painted, giving character to
the thing.