‘What if …’

Exhibition of paintings by Maggie Learmonth

Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
London E8 1NH

Private view: Friday 31st May 6.00-8.30pm

Exhibition runs: 31st May – 7th July
Opening times: daily 8am-5pm (weekends 10am – 5pm)

‘I didn’t grow up looking at paintings
I didn’t grow up looking at television
I grew up looking at fells, water and weather’

These paintings start from a moment in a landscape: a glimpse of something, a feeling, an experience.  The starting point is often unexpected and rarely planned. As
the American artist, Milton Avery, put it: ‘I was in the Tate and just stepped out into the street.  I saw this boat going by, went back to my studio in New York and made
these paintings’.

Mine originate from places as far afield as Marseille, Somerset and Cumbria.  From that initial encounter they evolve sometimes into a simplified form, sometimes into
something more romantic in style.  Either way they remain landmarks, not just acting as way-markers but simultaneously pointing to the future and provoking memories
of the past.

‘Landscape offers us keen ways of figuring ourselves to ourselves, strong means of shaping memories and giving form to thought .. place and mind may interpenetrate
till the nature of both is altered’ (Nan Shepherd, ‘The Living Mountain’). ‘…remembered landscapes exist as powerful presences with which we maintain deep and
abiding attachments’ (Macfarlane ‘The old Ways’)

Maggie Learmonth is a Cumbrian  artist living & working in London and has exhibited widely throughout the UK since completing her BA in 2011. She has work in
private collections in France, Japan, Greece, USA and UK.

07775 953077