Liane Lang:
Prussians and Other Villains
Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
E8 1NH

Private View: Friday 2nd March, 6-8.30pm

Exhibition runs: 23rd Feb – 25th March.

Opening times: daily 8am - 5pm (weekends 10am – 5pm).

For many years the Cafe Sibylle in east Berlin had a strange artefact on its wall. Two knobbly bits of bronze representing the ear and piece of the moustache of Stalin.
The giant statue on Stalinallee, located nearby had been dismantled during the night on government orders and one of the workmen, against his instructions had
purloined the items for posterity.

Liane Lang was inspired by this statuary scalp taking and became interested in the idea of the residue of statues that once represented power and influence. She
began to create moustaches of famous men, truncated from their facial origins. These comical, ferrety appendices represent something curious about the role of men
in history. Continuing the gastronomical history of the disembodied moustache Coffee is My Cup of Tea will be venue to a selection of these works. Prussians and other
Villains, a selection of Prussian rulers and politicians, a box of selected fascists and some individual moustaches of great men will be on display.

Also in the exhibition is Battle, a photographic work of the Parthenon Frieze in Berlin and Rising Damp. Both works are representative of Lang's interventions with
sculptural objects.

Lang is selling the moustache series to raise funds for her new project Glorious Oblivion. She is creating a photo series with the ambition to capture every public
monument to a historic women in a major European City, from medieval nuns and queens to writers and revolutionaries.