Karen David

For CRYSTAL VISIONS, Karen David re-enacts the ‘I Want to Believe’ poster famous from the 90s TV Series ‘The X-Files’. First seen on the wall of FBI agent Fox Mulder’
s basement office where he, with his partner Agent Dana Scully, investigated paranormal cases that no one else in the FBI wanted.
Throughout the 10 seasons of the show, those with a keen eye would have noticed slight changes to the poster as it was destroyed or replaced. The first poster had to
be replaced due to the original photographer, Billy Meier - who alleges to have regular contact with extra-terrestrial beings - claiming copyright. To resolve this The X-
Files production team switched the poster for its first variation with a fatter UFO positioned above the trees differently. There were then four further variations during the
series. Posters have been seen in character’s bedrooms, Mulder’s home office and later in his new office in Virginia.
The Hollywood Entertainment Museum has a display of Agent Mulder’s first basement office, complete with the I Want to Believe poster and other props including the
pencils thrown and stuck to the ceiling. According to the museum, the poster continually needs to be replaced as it keeps disappearing from the set.