Slow Life
Ceramic works by Jane Millar

My wall-based ceramic sculpture and installation starts with the idea of energy within the unseen interior of a ceramic object, and its actions on a surface. The work
explores a territory between ideas of what is natural and unnatural; slow time - 'mountain time' - and faster plant and fleshly change and growth. Recent works in this
exhibition play with ideas of resemblances, of repetitions, echoes and memory; between plant, material culture, body, planets and earth. I avoid representing these
ideas literally though, preferring to discover allusive forms in an evolving series of works, often discovering these through observation of the world, through drawing in
my notebooks, and then through the making process with clays of different kinds, painterly coloured slips, glazes and textures.

Jane Millar originally studied painting, then graduated from the tapestry course, in the painting school, at the Royal College of Art in 1989. She has lived and worked in
London since then, developing work through painting, textile and ceramic media. She lectures in Fine Art practice and occasionally curates projects, as part of her
creative practice.
Her work was selected by Brian Griffiths for Creekside Open 2019, by Alison Wilding for the Creekside Open 2017. Recent shows in 2018 include More in Common at
APT Gallery; Votive, with the Clayworkers Union for the Thames Festival; Space Shift at APT Gallery, curated by Sarah Kogan; and The Ghost Tide, Thameside Gallery,
curated by Sarah Sparkes and Monika Bobinska. She is working within a new context of contemporary ceramics,  and developing an artists' project of future imagining,
New Doggerland, which launched at Lumen Crypt Gallery in May 2019, and continuing in New Doggerland at Thameside Gallery, Woolwich, opening February 1st, 2020.