“Once you have reached and end point you have already surpassed it”
Zeno of Elea (ca. 490–430 BC)
Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
E8 1NH
Private View: Friday 12th January, 6-8pm

Exhibition runs: 12th January – 11th February.

Opening times: daily 8am - 5pm (weekends 10am – 5pm).

In 2003 I was given a double-page week diary that had perforated corners. These corners remained in my studio all mixed up in a saucer. One day, I decided to sew
them together using one thread reordering, recovering, and restructuring these fragmented physical representations of time with a linear process. In the West we think
of time in terms of a line, a linear infinite stretching out in front of us but often our patterns of existence and memory take different forms, we talk of cycles and déjà vu.
The clock hands rotate round the same form everyday; the seas sweep back and forth pulled by the gravity of the moon; we are ever in a present that cannot be
captured. These drawings, made in 2003, follow the same form of the stitching of the triangles.

“Incorporating the influences of philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Giorgio Agamben, Richardson’s work stands at the limit of contentless abstraction without
jeopardizing the subjective elements of emotion, communication, and imagination” Cliff Lauson, VITAMIN D: New Perspectives in Drawing, Phaidon 2005.

Frances Richardson was born in Leeds and studied at Jacob Kramer Leeds College of Art, Norwich School of Art and the Royal
College of Art, graduating in 2006 with MA in Fine Art Sculpture.

Her drawings have been selected for Works on Paper by Sculptors, Royal Academy of Arts, Jerwood Drawing Prize, ARTfutures, and the Drawing Room Biennial
Fundraiser Exhibition and exhibited nationally and internationally; Modern Times: responding to chaos De La Warr Pavilion, Unknown Fields: Recent British Drawing,
Young Gallery, Salisbury, Another Dammed Drawing Show, Frances Richardson Daniel Weinberg Gallery, LA, LONDON/BERLIN, fruehsorge contemporary drawings,
Berlin, Pencil and Paper, Poppy Sebire, London, In Between the Lines, Trinity Contemporary, London, The Postcard is a Public Work of Art, X Marks the Bökship, London.

Publications in which her works feature include The Art of Drawing: British Masters and Methods since 1660 by Susan Owens, V&A, 2013, Vitamin D: New Perspectives
on Contemporary Drawing, Phaidon NY 2005.