Hey punk what are you doing with that flower in your hand?

Denise and Henry Hawrysio

In this exhibition artist Denise Hawrysio has reproduced some of her late father’s poetic photographs. The negatives selected by Denise all have some form of
photographic mishap such as flash or shutter malfunction, darkroom accidents or fingers in front of the lens. She has also continued her father’s experiments by
printing black and white photography through colour processes and by reproducing the resulting images as a series of repetitive variations.

“Hawrysio’s work comes at photography from within. Here the arena is resolutely domestic and the intent is undeniably an attack on that quality in photography that
suggests each image is its own most perfect representation. Hers is not just a purely technical exercise, but an effort that would be inconsequential without a potent
subject — in this instance, Hawrysio’s family as discovered, or rediscovered, through the discards of her father’s hobby photographs.” (Davis Weaver)

Curated by Richard Ducker
Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
E8 1NH

Private View; January 20, 6 to 8pm   -
January 10 to January 31, 2017