Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
E8 1NH

Exhibition runs: 20th Oct – 12th Nov.

Opening times: daily 8am - 5pm (weekends 10am – 5pm).

Duffin’s work begins with the observation and recording of the physical evidence of natural processes - swarms of ants, flocks of birds, rolling seas or soaring cliffs.
These elemental rhythms, relationships and formations that emerge are repeated in ever changing combinations:

‘As I work, I am drawn into this force of nature; the subject and the medium begin to merge. My relationship with the drawing changes and becomes more about the
process itself, my subject matter a visual tool with which to experiment and explore. Concurrently with the drawing, I collect materials that seem to have a relationship to
this drawing and with which I can play; through simple energetic processes, I build a relationship with these materials. The physical activity enables me to tap into
something deep within, as I focus on the work I am creating rather than the end result - watching, alert to what occurs. Each piece is a living thing that guides me
towards its own completion - a new form of life emerges before my eyes – a metaphor for what I have seen and experienced’.

Duffin’s concern with relationships and interconnection extends to the formal properties of the work:  the drawing and the edge of the paper, the sculpture and the end of
the wall, the installation and the architectural features that become a part of the work. Working with a space, the pieces can be altered, reworked, hung in new ways in
relation to their host, as an echo of the natural forces that form the world.