Be In Clover

New works by David Surman

Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
London E8 1NH

Private View: Wednesday 17th April, 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Exhibition runs: Wed 17th April – 19th May
Opening times: daily 8am – 5pm (weekends 10am – 5pm)

The human is arrested by the tremendous beauty of a verdant blanket of fresh clover that grows spontaneously in the spaces left by scorched grass. Holidaying bee
maidens send dedicated crows to surveil the golden foliage that now thrives from Olympus to Valhalla. Looking closely, the human sees that life goes on below the
canopy of clover; ants are busily sending and receiving messages 24/7. The human is imagining life as an ant while crows fly overhead.

David Surman (b. 1981) is a multidisciplinary artist who tells stories. Through painting, games design, printmaking and film he creates works that combine conceptual
depth with aspects of improvisation and play. Originally trained as an animator at Newport Film School, his work explores themes of the natural world, ecology and living
systems, personality and identity. David moved at an early age to a remote part of the west highlands of Scotland. This direct encounter with the rugged landscape and
natural world profoundly influenced him, and the isolation drove his interest in painting, film and games -- the inner world of art and the imagination. His work is
characterised by a direct handling of materials and emphasis on characterisation and immersion. His approach bridges the absorbing and seductive qualities of paint,
story and play.