Excerpts: new paintings by David Pitt

Private View: Friday, 8th July, 6-9pm,

Exhibition runs: 9th – 31st July.

Exhibition times: Tuesday - Sunday, 10.00am - 5pm

Coffeeismycupoftea Space,
103b Dalston Lane,
E8 1NH


This exhibition contains excerpts from two new, but separate, series of paintings, which are combined and hung out of sequence. The 'Pit-Pond' paintings, through their
simplicity, explore the language of paint with the aim of finding an open, reflexive, metaphor. They are expansive, with only a suggestion of place, where colour's
indeterminacy lies between form and content.
By contrast, the 'Children In Peril' paintings use text and narrative (and humour) to both fix and undermine interpretation. The paintings take the structure of a children's
illustrated book, using an archetypal story (a child loses/annoys her parents, overcomes obstacles, finds/returns to her parents). In using this structure the personal is
displaced into a narrative that can address the social.
Both approaches allow an interrogation of the practice of painting itself, hence the out of sequence hang, to reveal how meaning is established through image, text, and
the painterly methods of applying paint to canvas. As the artist states: “I enjoy this fog of meaning, and I want to show this ebb and flow of clarity - the sense of feeling
close to an understanding, then having it slip away - that I hope the viewer feels is analogous to the artistic process.”