Let’s tessellate…
New works by Claude Temin-Vergez

Temin-Vergez’s work implies doubling, or twinned forms, where the surface operates as both an articulated field which mirrors itself in various form of symmetries, and
a place where individual refined traceries can be both lost and unravelled in the process of looking. Vergez develops forms that traverse identifications: from sexual
connotation, through Baroque ornament, to formations of nature.  Both the surface and image are, in this sense, metamorphic in their nature with forms constructed
from a linearity that traces a force across the canvases. Influenced by Islamic design, art nouveau, and late modernist abstraction, Claude Temin Vergez’ drawings,
paintings, and installations develop on the traditions of ornamentation and its relations to mysticism, taboo, and the sublime. Vergez’ works from various sources,
found images and from nature, which she intuitively deconstructs and embellishes to create motifs which are simultaneously mesmerizingly complex and classically
Executed with a certain clinical austerity – self-consciously stark surfaces, artificial colour palettes, and attenuated brushwork —her canvases evolve as exquisite
luculent mandalas that suggest futuristic microcosms, equally biological and technological, beautiful ‘specimens’ of compelling presence. The current body of work
explore the relationship between the complexity of her imagery and the subjects they first originated from. The result is of constant shifting images at once intuitive and
highly constructed.

Claude Temin-Vergez was born in Paris in 1964, since 1994 she has lived and worked in London. She Graduated from Central St Martins School of art in 1998 and The
Royal Academy Schools in 2001. In 2002, she was awarded the Stanley Picker Fellowship in painting and the Abbey Fellowship in painting at the British School in
Rome in 2005.
She has been a Part-time Lecturer in Painting at Camberwell College of art from 2002-2015, and taught in many Arts Schools around the country. She has exhibited
widely internationally and nationally. Recent group exhibitions include: ‘Ceremony’, curated by Jim Threapleton, Nb 20 Gallery London, touring to TataArt gallery,
Barcelona, Spain, 2017;’Phantoms’, Angus Hughes Gallery 2012, ‘Minimal-Excess’, Open Ealing gallery, London, 2012; ‘Painter’s Mate’, Curated by Lee Maetzer, 2011,
Angus Hughues gallery, London; ‘Graceland’, curated by Juan Bolivar, Paul Simon space, London, 2011;  ‘Meta’, Curated by David Ryan, touring Exhibition, Ruskin
Gallery, Cambridge, 2009 – ‘La Peinture est presque abstraite’, Curated be Olivier Gourvil, Le Transpalette, Bourges and Camberwell Space, London, 2009; ‘Instants,
Glissements’ Curated be Olivier Gourvil , Galerie La box, Bourges, France, 2009; ‘Expanded painting’ curated by Paco Baragan, Art Basel Miami, 2008. Solo Shows
includes: Claude Temin-Vergez, Ecole Regionale des Beaux Art, Valence, France (2010)- New Paintings, Madison Gallery, London (2009)- Claude Temin-Vergez,
Marksman Gallery, Reading, UK (2007) - Assemblage, Space Other Gallery, Boston USA (2006).