New paintings by Chris Hawtin

Exhibition runs: 9th Feb – 12th March.

Chris Hawtin's work explores the relationship between organic and cybernetic structures, and the effect of technological acceleration on geographic space. Giant
floating machines or vessels hover above a more traditional romantic landscape in a fusion of genres, while a signpost adorned with the disembodied head of some
strange character announces the title of the work, suggesting the presence of some kind of sci-fi narrative for the viewer to unravel. Working with 3d scans and
architectural modelling programmes as well as paint, Hawtin's work becomes a hybrid of the technological and the organic. The digitally generated structures are a
brutal interruption within the paintings yet they are subsumed into the language of the painted surface, playing with the classic science fiction image of the alien

Born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom in 1974 Chris Hawtin has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. His work is in private collections worldwide
and in the Saatchi Collection in London.