PV: Friday, 28th April, 6-8pm (Food and bar available)

Coffeeismycupoftea Space
103b Dalston Lane
E8 1NH

Exhibition runs: April 28th – May 21st
Opening times: daily 10am - 5pm, (late Fri & Sat)

Steffen’s work embodies the language of pop culture and its stereotypes within class identity. Her themes are derived from everyday experiences of class-based
segregation and inscribed social systems. From this loaded subject Steffen makes observations that result in a wry commentary of class and taste. Both
autobiographical and anthropological she reflects back at us some of the complexity of class discrimination through her manipulation of kitsch and humour.

As with many artists, the topics she chooses result from an engagement with material choices. This process lies behind her intent to produce work that, while visually
seductive, its content denies the apparent objective beauty of its form.  From this, Steffen often combines using traditional approaches to materials, such as casting,
with found objects: animating objects such as shoes, lipstick, car doors, fake nails, into sculptural forms. This partly erases the original cognition of these objects as
they are reconstituted into decorative repetition or colour field, only to re-surface as class signifier.